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Signature Massages & Body Treatments

All Signature Body Treatments will begin with the Signature Kahala Ho‘omaka Foot Ritual “Aloha, E Komo Mai” welcomes you into your personal suite, your place of healing and relaxation. Thus begins all of The Kahala Spa’s Signature Treatments. The Ho‘omaka, a traditional Hawaiian ‘Alaea sea salt foot soak is accompanied with an aromatherapy foot scrub and cool towels over the eye area, refreshingly infused with Kinehe flower essence bringing your attention to the present moment where you can fully experience and enjoy your treatment.

Golden Glow Facial and Body Treatment

150 min - $450

Look and feel as “good as gold” with our Signature Golden Glow Facial and Body Treatment that will uncover your youth, leaving you glowing and radiant. Your treatment will begin with a full body skin brushing, scrub and body wrap to leave your skin glowing. Following your body primer, enjoy a lomilomi massage to further your relaxation. After your massage, we shift to hydrating your skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles through a Hyaluronic infusion from Intraceuticals. Finally, using NuFace’s gentle micro-current technology, we will work to firm facial muscles, further reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and elasticity and enhance collagen production. This 2.5 hour Golden Glow treatment will leave you glowing and radiant.

Romance (for two)

210 min - $1,100

Ho‘oipaipo (Romantic) Imagine a dimly lit room with dancing candlelight and soft Hawaiian music drifting in the breeze. Scents of tuberose pikake, and plumeria fill the room to create soft and tranquil retreat for lovers. Begin your romantic journey with our signature foot rituals complimented with Hawaiian Salts and essence of Island lotions. Feel the sensual stimulation of our body scrubs designed to real the natural luster and beauty of your skin. Extend your escape with a 90 min full body massage using your particular preference of technique. The essential and calming properties of our facial line will enhance your natural glow and leave you replenished and revitalized. Complete your romantic experience with our decadent Hawaiian floral immersions soaked with hundreds of flower petals. This three and half hour experience will ignite the romance in any couple.

Polished Pretty and Pampered

210 min - $520

The perfect spa day getaway spent in luxury and carefree bliss. Experience a 60 minute full body massage with Hawaiian lotions and oils. Feel pampered with your choice of a complete 60 min facial and finally, complete your day of relaxation with a moment of beauty as you enjoy a custom manicure/pedicure. Spend the day with us and leave feeling Polished, Pretty and Pampered.

Ho‘ola Hana Hou 

90 min - $280

This deluxe facial treatment optimizes your skin’s natural moisture balance while paying attention to the delicate tissues of the eyes and neck while offering a combination of advanced lifting and firming massage techniques, acupressure and application of warm stones. This technique releases facial tension while improving skin circulation, hydration and tonicity. This treatment starts with a luxurious back massage using warm pohaku stones that will activate the vital energy points and address signs of ageing, giving your complexion a healthy glow.

Oli Oli Lomilomi

90 min - $285
120 min - $370

A traditional Hawaiian massage with rainforest flower essences and natural massage oils. This relaxing style of massage releases stress and tension with focus on breathing, harmonizing, and balancing. This treatment incorporates the use of warm stones placement on the abdomen, heart and lower back as well as a Mamaki Mud leg wrap to energize and renew, as well our signature foot ritual and awa scalp massage. Enhance to 120 minutes and enjoy the addition of a full body skin brushing followed by a seasonal body scrub or seasonal bath fizz infused infinity bath.

Kala Ko‘iKo‘i Lomilomi

90 min - $285
120 min - $370

Our signature Lomilomi massage combines the use of a hand-carved Lomilomi Stick and warm Pohaku stones. This unique massage uses island elements to enhance overall relaxation and includes our signature Ho‘omaka Foot ritual and awa scalp soother. Enhance to 120 and enjoy the addition of a full body skin brushing followed by a seasonal body scrub or seasonal bath fizz infused infinity tub.

Warm Pohaku Stone Massage

90 min - $285
120 min - $370

Based on ancient Polynesian healing implements and ingredients used by ‘kumu’ to treat the ailments of royalty, this treatment combines massage strokes with mountain river stones or ‘Pohaku’. Utilizing warm stones placed at various points of the body helps to balance energy. This massage opens up the mind, melts tension and brings harmony to your whole body. Enjoy our signature foot ritual and awa scalp soother as a part of this therapeutic massage. Enhance to 120 and enjoy the addition of a full body skin brushing followed by a seasonal body scrub or seasonal bath products infinity bath.

Lovely Hula Hands (four hand massage)

90 min - $420
120 min - $560

Inspired by the earliest residents of Hawaii, the Hula is both a dance and a ceremony. The Kahala Spa therapist have combined Hula with Lomilomi massage to create this unique treatment using motions of the dance, rhythms of the music, and the power of the spirits to evoke health and peace. Begin with a detoxifying foot ritual and body scrub. Then enter a state of superior relaxation as a duo of therapist massage your body simultaneously using warm pohaku stones, releasing tension and stress, evenly and completely. Finish with an amazing refresher facial or a scalp and foot massage that completes this tribute to Hula and well being.

Athletic Rebound

90 min - $285
120 min - $385

Enhance that champion’s euphoria with our Athletic Rebound treatment. Based on the fundamentals of pressure, reflex zone therapy, aromatherapy and a series of muscle stretches, your body will respond with an invigorating and refreshing comeback. Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils are combined to lift your energy and increase your range of motion.

Jetsetter’s Rejuvenation

120 min - $370

Travelers come across time zones, fly thousands of miles around the globe and oftentimes experience jetlag upon arrival. Don’t waste valuable time, allow us to rejuvenate your soul beginning with our signature foot ritual followed by an effervescent body soak featuring Hawaiian botanicals, a full body massage focused on balance and circulation, and conclude with an invigorating facial or a scalp and foot massage that leaves you refreshed with a renewed spirit and energy.

Sun Recovery Treatment

60 min - $180

Take a break from the Aloha Sun and let your body recover with the Sun Recovery Treatment. Your therapist will start with a soothing and hydrating aloe and coconut body wrap for as you receive your After Sun Hydrating Facial or a scalp and foot massage. Your therapist will then use an after sun healing remedy to massage your sun kissed aloha tan so that you are able to come back home glowing and feeling great!

Ali’i Detox

120 min - $385

A treatment designed for royalty. Begin with detoxifying foot ritual followed by an exfoliating seasonal body scrub. Enjoy a deep tissue Lomilomi massage utilizing a traditional Lomilomi stick and warm Pohaku stones followed with our Awa Volcanic mud wrap for the legs and feet and scalp massage. This treatment detoxifies,exfoliates and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed, confident and optimistic.

Smooth Silhouette Cellulite Treatment

60 min - $195

This treatment focuses on reducing the appearance of cellulite by opening up lymph nodes and increasing circulation. Through vigorous massage techniques, connective tissue is broken down reducing the depth and visibility of cellulite on the areas of concern. For best results, it is recommended to repeat this treatment 3 times over the course of 9 – 12 days.

Hapai Lomi Mommy Massage

60 min - $195
90 min - $285

This prenatal body ritual focuses on celebrating the unity of mother and baby and the wholeness of the two. Surrender to the healing and comforting touch of our therapist as they ensure your relaxation. Begin with our signature foot ritual to prepare you for your luxurious body massage. The massage will improve skin elasticity and increase circulation using Hawaiian Body Butters. This treatment leaves the mommy to be feeling radiant and relaxed. Enhance to a 90 min and enjoy the addition of a 30 min facial or a scalp and hand massage.

Hawaiian Body Rituals

120 minutes - $370

Your wish is our command. Customize your treatment from beginning to end and let us pamper your just as you would like. We offer choice of our most popular Hawaiian rituals and empower you to create your won escape to relaxation.

Choose One of Each:

Beginning – 30 min

  • Full Body Scrub
  • Lomi Lomi Foot Massage
  • nfinity Bath

Treatment – 60 min

  • LomiLomi Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Warm Pohaku Stone Massage

End – 30 min

  • Awa Scalp Soother
  • Refresher Facial
  • Hot Tea Relaxation

Prices do not include gratuity.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes - $190
90 minutes - $275
Prices do not include gratuity.

Swedish Massage

60 minutes - $180
90 minutes - $255
Prices do not include gratuity.

Dry (no oil/lotion) Massage

60 min - $190
90 min - $275
Prices do not include gratuity.

Lomilomi Massage

60 min - $200
90 min - $275
Prices do not include gratuity.

Spa Enhancements

All treatments at the Spa Suites may be enhanced with options ranging from 30 minute versions of our signature massages to a complete manicure and pedicure. For more information regarding the complete list of enhancements, please inquire with our Spa Suite Reception at the time of booking.

  • Body Scrub - Seasonal Scents

    30 min - $120 Prices do not include gratuity

  • Waxing & Sugaring Available

  • In-room and outdoor massages

    Add $50
  • Aromatherapy Enhancement (excludes Shiatsu)

    Add $25 Prices do not include gratuity.

  • Mini Plump Facial

    30 min - $120 Prices do not include gratuity
  • Body Wrap

    30 min - $120 Prices do not include gratuity.

  • Awa Scalp Soother

    30 minutes - $110 Prices do not include gratuity.

  • Refresher Facial

    30 min - $120 Prices do not include gratuity
  • Lomilomi Massage Sampler

    30 min - $120 Prices do not include gratuity